fredr (development version) Unreleased

  • Improved error handling when the response has an unknown error format (#96).

fredr 2.1.0 2021-01-29

  • fredr() / fredr_series_observations() now always return realtime_start and realtime_end columns. These are useful when setting the realtime_start / realtime_end arguments, or when using the vintage_dates argument (#88).

  • Fixed a bug in fredr() / fredr_series_observations() so that now the vintage_dates argument properly accepts a Date vector of length 1 or greater (#89).

fredr 2.0.0 2020-11-16

  • fredr has been un-orphaned!

  • If the FRED rate limit is hit, all fredr functions will now wait an appropriate amount of time before automatically attempting to make the request again. The rate limit seems to be 120 requests per minute, so fredr functions will wait 20 seconds between failed attempts, with a maximum of 6 failed attempts. This should be plenty of time for the rate limit to reset.

  • Required arguments no longer have a default of NULL. This should make it easier to visually distinguish between required and optional arguments. Additionally, ... have been added between the required and optional arguments of every function to force naming of optional arguments.

  • All requests to the FRED API are now retried a maximum of 3 times on failure. The low level function, fredr_request(), has gained a retry_times argument if you need to change this on a case-by-case basis.

  • There are two new functions related to the API key, fredr_set_key() and fredr_has_key(). These are mainly for internal usage.

fredr 1.0.0 2018-07-28

Initial release for CRAN. All endpoint functions for the FRED API are now implemented as functions in fredr.

Breaking changes

New functions

Categories (#21)

Releases (#22)

Series (#23)

Sources (#24)

Tags (#25)

Other new features

  • Include brief endpoint descriptions in data frame fredr_endpoints
  • Added a file to track changes to the package.
  • Added a usage vignettes (#11, #41).

fredr 0.3.0 Unreleased

Breaking changes

  • fredr_series now returns an xts object.

fredr 0.2.0 Unreleased

Breaking changes

Function names conform to fredr_*

  • api_docs is now fredr_docs
  • set_api_key is now fredr_key

fredr 0.1.0 Unreleased

Initial release

fredr combines tools like dplyr and httr to provide a flexible but powerful wrapper for the FRED API.

  • Convenience functions fredr_search() and fredr_series() for most commonly used FRED API features.
  • Execute more general queries using the backbone function fredr()
  • Bring up web documentation from the R environment with api_docs()