Users of fredr must authenticate with the FRED API by use of an API key. This key should be stored as an environment variable, FRED_API_KEY.

  • fredr_get_key() will retrieve the key, if set, or it will return NULL if the key is unset.

  • fredr_set_key() will set the key for the current R session. For persistence across sessions, set the environment variable. See the Details section for more information.

  • fredr_has_key() returns TRUE if a key can be found. Otherwise it returns FALSE.






A valid FRED API key as a string. Obtain one at the API Keys page. Can also be NULL to unset the key for the current R session.


The preferred method to set the key is to set the FRED_API_KEY environment variable in an .Renviron file. The easiest way to do this is by calling usethis::edit_r_environ(). Don't forget to restart R after setting the key.


See St. Louis Fed Web Services API Keys to obtain an API key.

See also

Note that by using a FRED API key, you agree to the FRED API Terms of Use.


original_key <- fredr_get_key() # Set a once per session key fredr_set_key("foo") # Get it fredr_get_key()
#> [1] "foo"
# Reset to original key fredr_set_key(original_key)